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We offer proactive business accounting & financial reporting services designed to convert financial transactions into useful information that managers can use to make more profitable decisions. We work in partnership with you to improve your accounting process and ensure accurate financial reports.  

Perspective & Experience


Before the development of modern warning systems used in the mining industry, canaries served to caution people against impeding danger. In business, CJC Company acts like a "canary in a coal mine" by working with you to observe early indicators so you can avoid trouble down the road.

Adding Value


Having stacks of unorganized receipts and paperwork, confusion about what your financial statements are telling you, or not having a budget in place may offer the first tangible warning of a  larger potential problem. CJC Company will help you take control of your business financials to keep business on track to realize consistent profitability.  

Our Team

Cory J Coulombe, MBA



My diverse set of experiences provide me with objectivity and perspective. No question or problem is too complex, I am willing to take on any challenge. I especially enjoy working with small business leaders to improve their financial results. My core financial management strategy follows a simple, yet often unused or poorly executed, approach: goal setting, budgeting to meet the goal, measuring results, making adjustments along the way, and celebrating when we succeed.

While monetary success and profit are necessary to sustain oneself and an organization, I believe it is critical to always bear in mind another fundamental principle:  True Success cannot be measured in terms of fame or fortune, rather, it is the point at which you experience joy from what you do.


Stephanie Shreve




My extensive administrative, customer service, and non-profit background have given me the opportunity to learn many sides of business.  On a personal level, traveling to places like Haiti and Ghana and pursuing my degree as an adult raising four children has given me a unique perspective that translates into how I work with the clients we serve. 

I've found one of the greatest keys to the success of any business is to know the value of the people you work with while supporting them to create a healthy & thriving company culture.  I enjoy building a solid relationship with clients through honest and respectful interactions, while keeping it lighthearted.  


Delaney Salzwedel


Executive Services Administrator


I consider myself a very adaptable, motivated, and organized person. My past work experiences and excellent communications skills allow me to connect personally with clients in order to provide the best service possible.

To me, organization is essential if you want a business to succeed. By taking the time to organize you allow for high efficiency, reduced stress, saved time and money, and improved quality of operations.



Why Outsourcing Works


Outsourcing your accounting and financial reporting is just good business.

You don't have to train us & we won't call in sick. 

You don't have the added expense of payroll taxes or benefits. 

Frees up internal resources for other purposes. 

Improves company focus & increases efficiency.

You don't have to do bookkeeping or wonder if your financial reports are accurate. 

You can focus on the reason you got into the business in the first place (which probably isn't doing bookkeeping or financial reporting.)

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